Welcome to ECO-BUFFET

ECO-Buffet is a network of cozy vegetarian cafes in Kiev, where you can eat daily, as well as buy a book and other goods. Come and see what vegetarian cuisine can be. Thanks to your complaints, our chefs will prepare new products for you that will surprise you with different tastes. Eating vegetarian foods helps: for physical health; for enrichment and purity of the soul; to gain new experience; for ... weight loss. Vegetarian food is "boring and diverse" - you say. We hasten to reassure and refute the myth of the scarcity of vegetarian and vegan food: an assortment of different dishes that we prepare for you from vegetables, legumes, cereals - these are soups, main dishes, hot "meat" vegetable dishes, sweets. Having come to us, our chefs prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner daily for you, you will see a varied menu that you should definitely try: nut cutlets, soy, meat, roast, cue-balls, stews, sandwiches. The Eco - Buffet menu has both vegetarian and vegan (lean) dishes, thought out so that you can get a balanced diet that will give you strength! We are always waiting for you)